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Whenever your next trip is coming up, the most impressive tour of your plan is absolutely in Yemen. Yemen is one of the developing countries which is positioned in The continent of Asia. You will find a number of secret behind Yemen. Those remarkable secret will probably be released if you could possibly be there once. Most tourism said that Yemen is a great place ever that they won’t probably assume. Amazing places to go and meaningful to do is in Yemen. To make it clear, let take a closer look on Top 10 places to visit in Yemen.

To discuss about Yemen, visitors usually consider of the incredible Sana’a which is the main heart capital city of Yemen. Sana’a has become to a world known such like Top 10 places to visit in Yemen. In this section, it is hard for a place to come on first page on organic Google search, as more, Yemen did a great job with this well-known. The sorted list of Best Place to See in Yemen which is entirely done as collection from the internet and other way to ask Yemeni, You will be taken to impressive places in YemenYemen experience tourism raise that Most Visited Places in our family or relationship organized holiday is in Yemen, that’s is why it was added to Most Visited Places in our Top 10 places to visit in.

Top Site to See in Yemen – The best Visited Regions.

1: Gulf of Aden, Aden City


It is gulf, and located in the Arabian Sea between Yemen. In the northwest, it connects with the Red Sea through the Bab-el-Mandeb strait, which is about 20 miles wide. It shares its name with the port city of Aden in Yemen, which forms the northern shore of the gulf. Historically the Gulf of Aden was known as “The Gulf of Berbera”, named after the ancient Somali port city of Berbera on the south side of the gulf. This is it Yemen – a captivating harmony of history, nature and countless settings for an unforgettable experience and memories.

2: Al Mukalla Harbor, Yemen


It is the main sea port of Yemen, and it is located in the middle of the south coastline of the country. It is quite busting harbor, which is almost filled with the small fishing boats sometimes large boats as well. The famous and typical shapes of most of the boats create the beautiful atmosphere.

3: Arher Beach, Socotra Island


Arher beach is another attractive place to must visit during your trip tour to Socotra Island; here you can enjoy a unique natural splendor and wide variety of outdoor activities. The white sandy beaches and immense sand dunes are located near the north side of the Socotra coast. The warm and crystal clear water of Arabian Sea will seduce you to put your feet in water and immense completely in heaven, you will feel relax at there.

4: Sand Dunes, Socotra Island


The sand dunes in Scotra Island are one of the famous destinations for the tourists, and also some of its most impressive landscape formations. The dunes on Arther Beach are very common majestic place. They are really huge and dominated only by the immense mountain hills and clear blue sky also attracts the tourists.

5: Socotra Island, Yemen Gulf of Aden


Socotra Island is located about 380 Km south of Yemen. This stunning island is isolated by the deep waters of Arabian Sea, and it features in which flora and fauna species also include. Scotra Island is the place of eternity. The shores of Socotra Island are rock, but they are also dotted by a number of completely serene and sand beaches. This unique island, no-doubt is an irresistibly appealing place to visit and you can always find something spectacular.

6: Yemeni Fortress, Sanaa


Taiz is a small, but picturesque and scenic mountain village in the southwest Yemen, where you can see the fabulous Al-Qahira Castle. This is one of the most impressive and famous destination for the tourist and located on a tall rocky peak. You must include this castle in your trio to Yemen, because the panoramic vistas from the base of the castle are speechless. The wonderful view of this castle also attracts the tourists to make their tour wonderful.

7: The old city of Sanaa, Yemen


The old city of Sanaa is situated right in the downtown, and it will capture your mind through the huge variety of awe-inspiring sights. Basically, every single thing within the old city of Sanaa is unique historical landmark. The city was inhabited for over 2,000 years and it boosts a breathtaking concoction of ancient houses with wonderful Islamic architectures. The Ottoman period also left for us a wide variety of hammams, almost hundred mosques and several ancient buildings.

8: Al-Saleh Mosque, Sanaa


Al-Saleh mosque is located in the capital city of Yemen, Sanaa. The truly impressive cultural and historical site is very attractive for the tourists. Getting to the mosque is very easy, and it can be seen from far away within the town. As you get closer to the beautiful facades of AL-Saleh mosque you will be a witness to its amazing Yemeni architectural style, which features four 160 meters-tall minarets and two smaller minarets, four huge domes as well.

9: Bottle Trees, Socotra Island


Socotra island is also very famous destination for the tourists, and also famous as the house to other endemic tree spot- The bottle trees. They grow on the rocky terrains, where you will be amazed by the numerous forests with Bottle Trees. Their typical shape is easily remarkable and also allures the tourists to see the amazing wonder of God. The stem of these trees are huge, and it is thicker near the ground and thinner near the crown.

10: The Ancient Tombs, Sanaa


It is very interesting fact that the southwestern part of Asia and the northeastern part of Africa are considered as the oldest part of the earth, in Yemen you can find several ancient tombs, which date back to the Paleolithic era. These lands were inhabited by ancient civilizations and cultures before nearly 40,000 years. In western Yemen, in Al-Mahwit area, which is located in Sanaa, there are hundreds of ancient tombs are discovered.

Last details about the top visited places in Yemen.

By discovering just about all the images in the listed of “Top 10 places to visit in Yemen” we attached earlier mentioned, we believe that there are not enough for visitors to consider about that details of these awesome sites. On the other hand, you may possibly learn more about Yemen Tourist Attraction by surfing researches on our site As Yemen is a popular topic about Yemen traveling, this article will be your guide clues. Guests could better find a believable to details online to take a good journey outside the town to discover a range of amazing places in this list, Top 10 places to visit in Yemen. Arher Beach, Socotra Island is the one from Bossfeeds’s top list which you’ve seen and will plan to visit. Let have a great travel.

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