Top 10 Places To Visit In Malta

Malta is one of the most beneficial regions to find out in the earth! Malta Top 10 Places To Visit. Since most people recognize, you will discover scores of vacationer destinations in this fantastic globe. It is straightforward and the unknown sums which one probably should not have confidence in these regions very much where you certainly really need to take a journey to like reported nevertheless Malta is.

Malta the Top 10 Tourist Destinations. Malta contains a great deal of tourist destination places to see. Quite a few vacationers are referring to about these kinds of areas in this region. Day after day, scores of folks are moving to others part of the earth for their fantastic ingredients, cold drinks, and likewise for their dream locations. And so, this is often the primary key consideration in our wonderful final decision creating for a location where extremely may carry our flow of air aside any time we get on. There is always endless in Malta if you certainly would like to become right there. From memorial to nationalized park, from supper stores to Movie Theater, from bistros to golf clubs, Malta definitely will provide you to luxury.

In that country, products are certainly terrific price in equal rights each of those for localized and world tourist. Besides, there are a number of well-performing and economical tourist tour guide corporations the facts that are usually relied on to carry you all the way through the whole entire state. In the variety straight down the page is Top 10 Places To Visit in Malta.

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1. The Blue Lagoon In Comino

This is natural beauty at its best with such a beautiful shoreline and clear blue seas that beckon you to linger there forever, a real paradise. Sandwiched between the north of Malta and south of Gozo, the small islands of Comino and Cominotto are largely uninhabited and I think currently only one family actually lives there. This has always been and still is a getaway paradise but sadly more prone to commercial exploitation and during the summer months invaded by thousands of holidaymakers. One of the few inhabitants ruefully reminisced that in his boyhood this beautiful bay was even deserted in summer! Those were the days, so lovely days.

2. The Azure Window At Dwejra In Gozo

Window in the north of gozo that is sadly but slowly and surely collapsing because of the soft base rock and its entire exposure to the winds and seas of ravages during storms. tourists and visitors have over generations trampled overhead, causing even more damage although this is now prohibited and subject to severe fines. It has been classified by UNESCO as one of the natural wonders of the world.

3. The Inland Sea At Dwejra, Gozo

This is more romance and fantasy, a small inland sea with a natural rock tunnel that leads to the open sea and leads out into the vicinity of the Azure Window.  Again sadly, for years over-exploited and at one point totally spoilt by unscheduled buildings although this has now been brought under control allowing only a few huts for local fishermen.

4. The Beautiful Island Of Filfla

A magnificent view off the village of Zurrieq in the south of Malta, a mystic place of mystery that was probably an area of sacred veneration during Neolithic times. Like the Azure Window, its base is of soft rock and mud and therefore decimation over the years has been considerable – considering that during the past it even hosted a little chapel. This is a rock teeming with natural wildlife and birds’ nests and nowadays highly protected.

5. The Blue Grotto At Zurrieq

Another natural rock formation near the village of Zurrieq which again is highly active in summer as thousands of tourists make use of boat trips that weave in and around the ‘leg’ of the grotto. The colour of the surrounding sea is a magnificent azure and in some areas with rainbow coloured sands.

6. The Bay At Ghajn Tuffieha

This is another magnificent ‘twin’ bay in the north of Malta, adjacent to similarly popular Golden Bay. Thankfully this has not been spoilt by over-building and still retains a remote element about it. The Maltese word ‘ghajn’ means water-well or water font, and the word ‘tuffieha’ is an apple and therefore Font of Apples.

7. The Blue Grotto, Island of Malta

The Blue Grotto is approached by a winding road on a cliff high above the Mediterranean Sea. The spectacular coastal scenery provides an exciting introduction to the nature site. The Blue Grotto is in Wied iz Zurrieq where the Grand Marshall Copier and a cavalry squadron shadowed the Turkish Armada on the eve of the Great Siege of 1565. According to mythology, the Blue Grotto was home to the sirens (sea nymphs) who captivated sailors with their charms. Today, the seaside scenery and limestone caves here are a picture of pure serenity. The water shines a brilliant blue in the sun.

8. Breathtaking Views at Dingli Cliffs, Island of Malta

Those who appreciate inspiring coastal scenery should take a short drive or bus ride from the Blue Grotto in Wied iz-Zurrieq to the Dingli Cliffs. The appeal (and the drawback) of this location is its remoteness. The sheer 250-meter Dingli Cliffs drop off dramatically into the Mediterranean Sea, and the sloping hillsides are fertile land used by small farms. The highlight of Dingli Cliffs is the viewpoint that offers breathtaking seaside panoramas. Besides a short walking trail, there is nothing at Dingli Cliffs except a tiny hilltop chapel (closed to the public) that is devoted to Saint Mary Magdalene. Keep in mind that there are no restrooms or cafés.

9. Editor’s Pick Golden Bay Beach, Island of Malta

With its sandy shores protected by a mountainous coastline and sloping cliffs, Golden Bay in Northwest Malta is one of the island’s prettiest beaches. Golden Bay Beach is easily accessible by car or bus; the bus stop is only a five-minute walk away from the beach. Unlike other beaches in Malta, Golden Bay Beach is far away from street traffic, which makes it a relaxing seaside escape. The beach has an extremely wide shoreline with soft golden sands.

10. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay and Gnejna Bay Beaches, Island of Malta

For travelers exploring the area by car, it’s worth driving two kilometers from Golden Bay to the unspoiled beach at Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. Surrounded by cliffs and sloping hillsides, the beach is accessed by climbing down 200 steps. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Beach feels secluded in nature, except for the umbrellas and lounge chairs for rent, public restrooms, and a snack bar. Considered one of Malta’s top beaches, Ghajn Tuffieha is favored by locals who appreciate the quiet, peaceful environment. The waters are safe for swimming except when the red flag is up (indicating strong currents).

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