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One the most important destinations whenever your planned holiday is based in the eastern Caribbean.  The eastern Caribbean has tons of hidden knowledge to indicate the value tourisms. Hopefully, these secrets and impressive histories behind, Saint Lucia will probably be express within this trusted write-up. For making sure, let find out more connected to Top 10 places to visit in Saint Lucia.

Any time we point out about Saint Lucia, the world typically tells about Castries the substantial capital city of Saint Lucia. It comes to the viral well-known as the Top 10 places to visit in Saint Lucia. In this case, that’s not so simple for a place to rate on the Top 10 places to visit in Google keywords search but Saint Lucia really does it. The compiled list of Best Place to See in Saint Lucia that we have done our good studies and by the updating of most of Saint Lucia citizens, Saint Lucian, They will direct you to a very good place that you’re not yet to wish about. Most visitors claim that Most Visited Places in the fantastic vacation is in Saint Lucia so we decided to insert Saint Lucia to our Most Visited Places in our Top 10 places to visit in.

Greatest Regions to Observe in Saint Lucia – The Most Visited Places.


1. The Pitons


The Pitons, St. Lucia’s twin towering peaks and prime topographic feature, soar out of the sea to great heights. The Gros Piton (large piton) to the south is 798 meters high and the Petit Piton (small piton) is 750 meters. Formed by volcanic activity about 200,000 to 300,000 years ago, both the Pitons are considered difficult climbs.

2. Marigot Bay


Marigot Bay, arguably the most beautiful bay on St Lucia, is best viewed from a vista point on the road between the main Caribbean coastal route and the bay itself. Lush hillsides plunge to the pretty palm-fringed beach, and yachts bob on the bay’s blue waters. The harbor is so deep and sheltered that the British fleet supposedly hid here from the French by covering their masts with palm fronds.

3. Anse Chastanet Marine National Park


Anse Chastanet coral reef harbors a treasure trove of sea life across varying depths. On a plateau of two to eight meters, divers can see colored sponges, soft corals, boulder coral, and brain corals. Frogfish inhabit a large nearby cavern, and divers may spot many varieties of fish in the coral gardens, including parrotfish, goatfish, wrasse, chromis, and barracudas.

4. Soufrière


The colorful fishing village of Soufrière is wrapped around a beautiful bay and is best seen from an overlook on the main road to Vieux Fort. The town was founded in about 1745 with its most prominent features being the town square, home to the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the many buildings with filigreed balconies and tin roofs.

5. Morne Coubaril Estate


Overlooking Soufriere Bay, Morne Coubaril Estate is a popular stop on the tourist circuit. The estate is an elegant working plantation growing cocoa, coconuts, and manioc. Ziplining in view of the Pitons is the most adventurous activity on offer, but guests can also enjoy guided tours of the plantation, its tropical gardens, and a replica of a traditional village.

6. Sulphur Springs Park, Mount Soufriere


Named for the sulfur once mined at this site, Mount Soufriere (also known as Sulphur Springs Park) is the most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles. A road traverses the edge of the 274 meter crater making this one of the world’s rare “drive-through” volcanoes.

7. Diamond Botanical Gardens, Waterfall & Mineral Baths, Soufrière Estate


The Diamond Falls section of the Soufrière Estate offers three popular attractions: well-conceived gardens, a beautiful waterfall colored by mineral deposits, and healing mineral hot spring baths originally built for the troops of King Louis the XVI of France. The gardens were planted among coconut, cocoa, mahogany, and red cedar trees with tropical flowers and shrubs from around the world.

8. Pigeon Island National Park


Across from Rodney Bay, Pigeon Island National Park, is one of St. Lucia’s most important historic attractions. Strategic lookouts on the island allowed the British to monitor the movements of French troops in Martinique during their struggle for control of St. Lucia. Today a causeway connects the island to the mainland and visitors can hike up to the lookout point and enjoy panoramic views of St. Lucia’s northwest coast.

9. Rodney Bay


On the Gros Islet northern end of St Lucia, Rodney Bay is St. Lucia’s tourist magnet with its picturesque crescent-shaped beach and many hotels, restaurants, and shops. Enclosed to the north by Pigeon Island National Park and to the south by Labrellotte Point, this sheltered bay is a popular spot for mooring.

10. Tet Paul Nature Trail


Winding through tropical forest in St. Lucia’s World-Heritage-listed Piton Management Area, the Tet Paul Nature Trail offers some of the most spectacular views in southern St. Lucia. On a clear day, hikers can see all the way to Martinique and St. Vincent. The hike takes about 45 minutes and is rated easy to moderate.

Last Recommendation on the Most Incredible Visited Sites in Saint Lucia.

By means of moving with previously mentioned pictures and even record of “Top 10 places to visit in Saint Lucia” we delivered, it’s not enough for you to feel and to experience the detail information about the real truth of these types of remarkable places. Even so, you will be able to know more about Saint Lucia Tourist Attraction simply by doing research on our webpage While Most Visited Places in Saint Lucia is a hot niche about Saint Lucia travel, this is your better indications. You will be able to discover a lot of important details and suggestions online prepared on your specific destination. Let say Marigot Bay is one from Bossfeeds’s top list you desire to have a look at. Enjoy your holiday to the incredible Saint Lucia.

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