Amazing Slovenia Tourist Attraction – The Best 10 Places To See in Slovenia

One the most significant destinations whenever your planned holiday is based in Central Europe. Central Europe has a bunch of thriller to present the value tourisms. Hopefully, these secrets and remarkable histories behind, Slovenia will probably be express within this trusted write-up. For making sure, let find out more related to Top 10 places to visit in Slovenia.

Whenever we mention about Slovenia, the world ordinarily convince about Ljubljana the significant capital city of Slovenia. It comes to the viral acknowledged as the Top 10 places to visit in Slovenia. In this case, that’s not so easy for a state to rank well on the Top 10 places to visit in Google keywords search but Slovenia does it. The collected list of Best Place to See in Slovenia that we have done our efficient researches and by the informing of most of Slovenia citizens, Slovenian, They will guide you to a terrific place that you’re not yet to dream about. Most visitors claim that Most Visited Places in the fantastic vacation is in Slovenia so we decided to add Slovenia to our Most Visited Places in our Top 10 places to visit in.

Best Places to See in SloveniaThe Most Visited Places.

1. Ljubljana

Romantic Ljubljana city center: river Ljubljanica, Triple Bridge (Tromostovje), Preseren square and Franciscan Church of the Annunciation; Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe.
Romantic Ljubljana city center: river Ljubljanica, Triple Bridge (Tromostovje), Preseren square and Franciscan Church of the Annunciation; Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe.

One of the best places to visit in Slovenia is its capital, Ljubljana. Although Ljubljana is much smaller than most European capitals, it has a unique charm that makes it worth a visit. A major attraction in the city is Tromostovje, also known as the Triple Bridge, where three picturesque bridges span the river right next to one another.

2. Lake Bled

Lake Bled in summer

Serving as a gateway to the Triglav National park is Lake Bled, a scenic body of water surrounded by the Julian Alps. The emerald green lake isn’t large, and it is possible to walk the perimeter in a single afternoon. What makes the destination so appealing is the small island in the middle of the lake, which is home to a 17th century church.

3. Triglav National Park

Mountain Lake in Autumn - Lake Bohinj

If you want to get outdoors and explore some of the amazing natural scenery in Slovenia, then Triglav National Park is the ideal spot to visit. Most of the park is made up of the Julian Alps, with highlights in the region including the towering peak of Mount Triglav itself as well as the calm waters of Lake Bohinj.

4. Postojna

stalagmite and stalactite in the cave

Postojna is a relatively small town in Southwest Slovenia, but it is a must-see destination for travelers drawn to unique attractions and natural scenery. Postojna is known for its extensive cave system, which boasts a staggering 20 km (13 miles) of chambers, hallways and galleries, some of which have ceilings nearly 50 meters (150 feet) high.

5. Piran


On the tip of Southwestern Slovenia, and on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, is the resort hotspot called Piran. The destination is reminiscent of Italy, which makes sense since it was actually part of the Venetian Empire for more than five centuries.

6. Ptuj

Old town center of Ptuj, Slovenia, Europe
Old town center of Ptuj, Slovenia, Europe

On the banks of the Drava River is the city of Ptuj, a destination in Eastern Slovenia with an impressive collection of historic architecture. Ptuj is widely regarded as one of the oldest cities in the nation, and it has been important in the local culture since the Stone Age.

7. Celje

Celje medieval castle in Slovenia above the river Savinja
Celje medieval castle in Slovenia above the river Savinja

One of the oldest cities in all of Slovenia is Celje, a small city perched on the banks of the Savinja River. The biggest attraction in the city is the enormous castle, which was erected in the 14th century and now looks down over the city from its hilltop location.

8. Kranjska Gora

amazing-slovenia-tourist-attraction-the-best-10-places-to-see-in-slovenia-8Popular for winter sports enthusiasts is the destination of Kranjska Gora, located in the northwest of Slovenia. During the winter, Kranjska Gora is busy with visitors who ski and snowboard in the resort of Vitranc, taking advantage of the frequent snowfall and the steep trails.

9. Koper


As one of the oldest coastal towns in Slovenia, and a major port, Koper is an integral part of the country’s infrastructure. This is yet another coastal spot that was once part of the Venetian Empire, and it formally went by the name Caprea. Later, it became part of Yugoslavia.

Last idea about the top 10 Visited Places in Slovenia.

By going through above photos and the list of “Top 10 places to visit in Slovenia” we give, it’s not enough for you to feel and to have the detail info about the certainty of these incredible places. On the other hand, you can certainly find out more about Slovenia Tourist Attraction by doing research on our web-site While Most Visited Places in Slovenia is a hot topic about Slovenia travel, this is your better signals. You can find a lot of valuable information and ideas online written on your specific destination. Let say Koper is one from Bossfeeds’s top list you really want to visit. Enjoy your trip to the awesome Slovenia.

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