Amazing Japan Tourist Attraction – Best 10 Places To Visit in Japan.

Family members vacation or relationship trip or particular person holiday is previously organized? Where you should go on those days? This post will show you the reasons why you have to check out Japan. Behind the fantastic secrets of Japan, there are millions of guests land their journeys there.  Japan is naturally located in Eastern Asia. Let stay focus more on Top 10 places to visit in Japan if you prefer to make it sure.

Display about Japan? As site visitors, first they should think about Tokyo. It is the heart and soul and the main capital city of Japan. Present, Tokyo is well-heard by number of people today around the planet for Top 10 places to visit in Japan. In this section, for a state to be well-known by many people, it is not so very easy but Japan could generate it. The list of Best Place to See in Japan under, is a number of collection which are asked by many Japanese.

The Most Visited Placesthe Top Places to See in Japan.

1- Mount Fuji

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Without a doubt Japan’s most recognizable landmark, majestic Mount Fuji (Fuji-san) is also the country’s highest mountain peak, towering 3,776 meters over an otherwise largely flat landscape to the south and east, tall enough to be seen from Tokyo more than 100 kilometers away. Mount Fuji has for centuries been celebrated in art and literature, and is now considered so important an icon that UNESCO recognized its world cultural significance in 2013.

2- Imperial Tokyo

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Tokyo’s most famous landmark, the Imperial Palace, with its beautiful 17th-century parks surrounded by walls and moats, is a must-see when visiting the nation’s capital. Don’t be put off by the fact that the majority of the palace is closed to the public (it’s still in use by the Imperial family), as there is still enough to see simply by strolling the grounds.

3- Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

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While little need be said here of the horrors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in August 1945, much can be said of the incredible efforts this vibrant city has made to commemorate the many victims of the world’s first nuclear attack, and perhaps even more importantly, the symbol of lasting peace Hiroshima has since become.

4- Historic Kyoto

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One of Japan’s most visited cities, lovely Kyoto – one of the few cities in the country to be spared the devastation of WWII – attracts more than 10 million visitors annually to explore its fine old streets and architecture, much of it unchanged since the Imperial family took up residence here more than 1,000 years ago.

5- The Island Shrine of Itsukushima

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Just a short ferry ride from mainland Hiroshima is the island of Miyajima, famous the world over as Japan’s Shrine Island. Covering an area of 30 square kilometers in Hiroshima Bay, Miyajima is best known as the home of the Itsukushima Shrine, a Shinto temple dedicated to the Princess daughters of the wind god Susanoo.

6- Temple City: Historic Nara

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For centuries the hub of Japanese culture, the lovely unspoiled city of Nara is home to a large number of historic buildings, along with important national treasures and works of art.

7- Osaka Castle

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Built in 1586 by famous Japanese warrior and politician Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Osaka Castle (Ōsaka-jō) was at the time the largest and most important fortress in the country. Although destroyed and rebuilt a number of times since, the present structure, built in 1931, remains true to the original.

8- Chūbu-Sangaku National Park and the Japanese Alps

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Japan boasts a number of outstanding areas of natural beauty, many of them designated as national parks or, in some cases, UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of the country’s most spectacular parks is Chūbu-Sangaku National Park in the center of Honshu, incorporating in its northern and central regions the group of mountains collectively referred to as the Hida Mountains, or Japanese Alps.

9- The Atsuta Shrine, Nagoya

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The Atsuta Shrine, in the heart of the city of Nagoya, is the most important Shinto shrine in Japan attracting more than five million visitors each year. Established in the first century, this religious site is famous for its preserved Imperial insignia, the “grass-mowing sword” (kusanagi-no-tsurugi), one of only three in the country.

10- Fukuoka’s Castle and Ancient Festivals

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One of the few surviving examples of the once prolific and majestic hilltop homes preferred by Shoguns and city rulers, Fukuoka Castle (Fukuoka-jō) is one of the highlights of a visit to Fukuoka. Once part of a massive complex that covered an area of some 47,000 square meters, this beautiful castle still impresses with its size and its position on a tall foundation overlooking the Naka River.

Last detail about the top visited places in Japan.

In conclusion, Top 10 places to visit in Japan is listed for you to make a better decision to wonderful sites in Japan. Moreover, for a lot more collection of Top 10 places to visit in Japan, you can do some on line trip assistance connections about Japan Tourist Attraction for more needed tips on our site, As more, Japan now get a good scored subject about Japan travel travel; this content will be a reliable suggestion for to make a much better choice. As mentioned,  Imperial Tokyo in the list of Bossfeeds’s top list, your better suggested places are right there. Hope your company awesome tour is completely come true with all of these sites.

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