10 Tourist Attractions in Bruges

Welcome to Bruges! Bruges consists many tourist attraction places to see. These best places to visit are much pretty awesome for people who are looking for best destination to relax. Certainly one of the most magnificently maintained towns and cities in Europe, Bruges where is located in Dutch is a magical merge of impressive engineering, cobbled road and postcard-excellent squares, all crisscrossed by extensive and luxurious canal. With Brugess’ variety of extraordinary museums, historical breweries, the world class chocolatiers and yummy eating places, it’s no question that the city is the most popular tourist destination in Belgium. Strolling lower a canal in a great open air watercraft is a unforgettable​​​​ actions in (The Venice of the North).

No matter whether purchasing for the great ideal product of hand crafted lace or gazing at the art work of a Fifteenth century Flemish artist, the attractions sites in Bruges give wonderful activities for each and every tourist. In spite of it being one of the most favorite and attractive countries in The European countries, Belgium confuses numerous tourist. The heart of the concern, as it quite often is, is politics. The nation is split straight into a pair of cultural parts, Dutch-speaking Flanders to the northern part and French-speaking Wallonia to the southern part. An fabulous east-west part line that bisects the completely nation at Brussels, splits the a pair of territories. As a result, Brussels is definitely a city stated by each of those the Flemish and the Walloons. However, this can be a important political conundrum for the Belgians for the tourist it may be inconsequential. Just forget the politics.

In summary, the middle of Bruges is quite small, possibly even all those with just a single day to spend sightseeing and tour can hope to take apart for a great idea of all the important attractions. Significant observing must undoubtedly include at least the main square with the belfry, the Burg with the Basilica of the Holy Blood and a journey on the amazing canals. In the list about the top 10 destinations to check out down below are definitely suggested spots for traveler who are inspiring to take a relaxation.

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The Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Bruges

1. Canals of Bruges

Because of its canals Bruges is often called ‘The Venice of the North’. In the Middle Ages the ‘Reie’ river had been turned into a network of canals that enabled the traders to bring their products to the large Water Halls at the Market. Nowadays a boat ride on these famous canals provide a great way to see some of Bruges most beautiful sites.

2. Markt of Bruges

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Few European plazas boast as many sidewalk cafés, shops and architectural treasures as the main square in Bruges. Since 958, this oversized square has been the city’s primary marketplace and administrative center. While most of the structures standing today date to the 19th century, the 13th-century bell tower known as the Belfort still rings out the hours.

3. Belfry of Bruges

Bruges, Belgium – May 17, 2014: Bruges is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium, in the northwest of the country.

This medieval bell tower dates back to 1240, built at a time when Bruges was a major player in the cloth industry. It was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire 40 years later, with other fires occurring in the centuries following. Bells still chime out from the tower today. Climbing the 366 step to the belfry’s clock rewards visitors with a panoramic city view.

4. Basilica of the Holy Blood

The main draw at the 12th-century Heilig-Bloedbasiliek located in Burg Square is a fragment of cloth believed to be stained with the blood of Christ. Legend has it that the relic was obtained during the Second Crusade in Jerusalem. Encased in a crystal vial housed in a gold-adorned cylinder, it is displayed every Friday in a silver tabernacle in the heavily renovated chapel upstairs, which is adorned with wall murals and stain-glass windows.

5. De Halve Maan Brewery

A 45-minute tour of De Halve Maan Brewery museum offers visitors an inside look of the brewing techniques that have made Belgium one of the best beer-producing countries in the world. Of the nation’s 180 breweries, the Half Moon is one of the oldest. Six generations have operated the family-owned establishment since 1856.

6. en Wijngaerde

Founded in 1245, the “Princely Beguinage Ten Wijngaerde,” commonly called the Begijnhof, is the last surviving beguinage in Bruges. Although the quiet complex is no longer home to beguines, it stands as a serene reminder of the religious-minded women who once lived here without taking vows. Today, Ten Wijngaerde is a Benedictine convent where visitors are allowed to wander among the white-washed structures, central green space and 13th-century church.

7. Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk

The tallest structure in Bruges and one of the most visually striking, the Church of Our Lady is a medieval edifice with a central brick spire that towers over the city. Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk is best known for the white marble Madonna and Child statue, the only work by Michelangelo to leave Italy during the artist’s lifetime. The impressive sculpture is situated on an altarpiece in the chapel’s southern aisle.

8. Minnewater

Bruges, Belgium: The Minnewater (or Lake of Love), a fairytale scene

The canals of Bruges are known for their gentle flow, and there’s no more better place to enjoy the beauty of the city reflected on the tranquil waters that on the shore of the Minnewater, a wide canal known as the Lake of Love. The nickname comes from a story of a girl name Minna who died trying to escape from an arranged marriage into the arms of her lover Stromberg. Local legend says that lovers who cross the lake’s bridge will experience eternal love.

9. Groeningemuseum

Art lovers will find a treasure trove of Flemish masterpieces in the highly regarded Groeninge Museum. Collections include paintings by Jan van Eyck, who spent his final years living and working in the city. With its attention to detail and high degree of realism, his painting of the Madonna and Child illustrates the contribution this skilled artist made towards the development of oil painting.

10. Choco-Story

As a complement to the many chocolate shops in Bruges, the Choco-Story museum provides visitors with a wealth of information about the delicacy, including a look at the history of the cocoa bean’s transformation into the tasty treat. Exhibits at this popular Bruges attraction chronicle the discovery of cocoa in the Americas and examine how the new food gained popularity in Europe.

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