10 Top Tourist Attractions in Salzburg

The Capital of the region of the same identity along with the entrance to Austria via the northwest, Salzburg is definitely one particular of Europe’s most wonderful towns, popular similarly for its architectural mastery as it’s for its impressive setting up. This additionally loves a specific reputation in the planet of tunes as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a popularity returned such destinations as the art gallery in the residence of his birth and different celebrations exhibiting his new music.

This beautiful town takes in both equally banking institutions of the River Salzach, which here emerges through the Salzburg Alps directly into an area of lower terrain decided by the 1,853-meter Untersberg through which the landscapes of the location, with its towers and domes, are of memorable elegance. The affectionate Old Town is an spot of limited ancient streets and arcaded courtyards simply pleading to be discovered, as are the large squares of the household area in between the Neutor and the Neugebäude districts. Certainly not far from Salzburg, is situated the world’s biggest system of ice caves (Eisriesenwelt), a must-see fascination for adventure searchers.

Alternatively, The tone of songs spreads throughout Salzburg, a wonderful city of a lot more than 145,000 inhabitans in western Austria. The urban center on the Salzach River is well-known for the preparing for that lovely music, The Sound of Music. Yet long just before the Rodgers and Hammerstein blockbuster, Salzburg was widely recognized for the birthplace of Mozart, one of the world’s excellent classical music composer. It may be attainable to discover a couple of of the interesting attractions in Salzburg on a easy time journey from Munich or Vienna, but shelling out a very few days and nights will allow guests to have in a lot more scenery and soak in the surroundings of this charming location. In the list below are the most tourist attractive places to see in Salzburg:

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The Most Tourist Attractive Spotes to see in Salzburg

1. Hohensalzburg Castle

Sitting stop Festungsberg hill, Hohensalzburg Castle is Salzburg’s most famous landmark. Built in 1077, Hohensalzburg Castle is one of the largest and best preserved fortresses today in Central Europe. The fortress is so soundly built, it has never been conquered. Once housing a military barracks and prison, the fortress today is a multi-purpose facility. With medieval rooms and courtyards open to the public, Hohensalzburg Castle also houses an International Summer Academy and concerts.

2. Mirabell Palace

Mirabell garden in Salzburg, in a sunny day

Mirabell Palace was built in 1606 by a prince-archbishop who intended it as a home for his mistress. It was later rebuilt in Baroque and Neoclassical styles, and served as the 1815 birthplace of the future King Otto of Greece. The building’s front is plain compared to other Salzburg palaces, but visitors will find lush gardens, featuring statues of mythological people, on the grounds. Maria and the Von Trapp children sang “Do Re Mi” here in Sound of Music.

3. Salzburger Dom

The Salzburg Cathedral (Salzburger Dom) is a 17th century baroque cathedral dedicated to Saint Rupert at Salzburg, Austria

Salzburger Dom, also known as Salzburg Cathedral, dates back to the eighth century. The imposing Italian Baroque cathedral as it exists today was built in the 17th century. The cathedral, which was bombed in World War II, is dedicated to its early founders, St. Rupert and St. Virgilius. Located on the Dopmplatz, the front of the cathedral is dominated by a column with a statue of the Virgin Mary at the top.

4. Hellbrunn Palace


Visitors to Hellbrunn Palace should wear clothes that dry quickly. That’s because the trick fountains the palace is famous for spray water on visitors. One of the most famous family attractions in Salzburg, this early 17th century Renaissance palace was originally built as a pleasurable place where archbishops could relax for a day. Since they came only for a day, the palace has no bedrooms, though it was intended as a summer residence.

5. Residenzplatz


Residenzplatz, or Residence Square, is located in the heart of Old Town Salzburg, This magnificent square is surrounded by archbishop residences, Salzburg Cathedral, the Old Residence and townhouses now filled with shops and eateries. It is also the place where visitors can hop a horse0drawn carriage for a ride through the streets of Old Town. A fountain, said to be Salzburg’s most beautiful, punctuates the square. This unique fountain sports snorting horses, giants and dolphins.

6. Mozart Birthplace

No. 9 Getreidegasse is home to one of the most visited museums in Austria. It is here that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756. The museum that honors the life of this great composer is spread out over three floors. The first floor concentrates on his everyday life, with utensils, original documents and paintings. The second floor is dedicated to his life as a composer of operas, with costumes and sets.

7. Hangar 7


Owned by Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz, Hangar 7 is a stylish, hangar-inspired museum with a collection of historical airplanes, helicopters and Formula One racing cars. It is one of those museums that is just as intriguing from the outside as it is from the inside. The wing-like dome of the museum and adjoining cylindrical towers are built of a latticework of steel supporting a glass shell. The sleek, modern structure contrasts sharply with the Alps rising in the backdrop.

8. Getreidegasse

Getreidegasse, which translates as Grain Lane, is Salzburg’s most famous shopping street. Located in Old Town, Getreidegasse is filled with high narrow buildings that contain shops, boutiques and restaurants serving the city’s specialties, including mouthwatering desserts. Some buildings have guild signs that indicate the type of work that took place here in centuries past. Jewelry and traditional costumes are among the popular items on shoppers’ lists. Note that No. 9 Getreidegasse is where Mozart was born.

9. Petersfriedhof

St. Peter Cemetery, in Salzburg, Austria

Petersfriedhof, or St Peter’s Cemetery, is the oldest Christian cemetery in Austria, in its present condition dating back to 1627. It is the final resting place of Salzburg’s aristocrats, with families still tending their graves today, adorning them with flowers, most notably pansies. Other notables buried here include Mozart’s sister and Joseph Hayden’s younger brother. Catacombs above the cemetery contain altars, murals and other rooms that are open to public view.

10. Kapuzinerberg

The tree-covered hillside of Kapuzinerberg stands in the middle of Salzburg city. The Salzach river runs through the Baroque city and Gaisberg mountain, with an FM and TV transmitter on its peak, stands in the distance.

Travelers with an interest in pre-historic sites may enjoy a visit to Kapuzinerberg. Sitting on a hill overlooking the Salzach River, human habitation of Kapuzinerberg dates back to the Neolithic period. The hill is not fully developed, and small wild animals may be seen roaming the gardens and grounds. Kapuzinerberg is best known for its Way of the Cross chapels that tell the story of the Passion of Christ as they lead up the hill.



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