10 Best Places To See In Albania

Albania is certainly one of the perfect destinations to discover in the globe! Albania Top 10 Places To Visit. Since people fully understand, there can be many tourist locations with this impressive earth. It is straightforward and the in-realized sums which everyone probably should not faith all those spots much where you certainly ought to take a trip to like maintained however, Albania is. Albania the Top 10 Tourist Destinations. Albania contains numerous tourist destination places to see. Lots of tourists alike are giving a mention to the fact about most of these vacation spots in this region.

Regularly, many folks are voyaging to the remainder part of the globe for their impressive foodstuff, cocktails, and furthermore for their aspiration spots. Thereby, this is often the principal key point in our terrific judgment making for a location where certainly could carry our breathing away at any time when we get on. There does exist endless in Albania if you certainly need being right there. From public to nationalized park, from supper options market to concert halls, from places to eat to golf equipment, Albania is going to take you to cloud nine.

Finally, During this country, goods are certainly terrific option in equality together for nearby and world-wide tourist. Also, there can be numerous good and economical tourist tour guide agencies which will be responsible to take you across the completely place. In the number straight down listed below are Top 10 Places To Visit in Albania.
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1. Shkodra

Located near the Montenegro border, Shkodra is among the largest cities in Albania. It has a long history of conquests and battles. The Rozafa Castle ruins are an important attraction within this town. The town has since recovered from the tough battles to rise to a crucial trading center with a unique culture.

2. Tirana

Albania’s capital city, Tirana, forms the political and economic center of the nation. With many cultural facilities, modern architecture and high-quality hotels, there is a lot that you can do in Tirana. The city is also very pleasing and you will find the people here energized and eager to help out travelers. There are many museums, zoos and parks to enjoy yourself here.

3. Kruja

An important building found in Kruja is the well-known Kruja Castle that attracts many people. This castle is a treasured site for Albanians and it contains Skanderbeg Museum that contains important artifacts about the war that occurred in this region.

4. Gjirokastra

This town in the southern part of Albania has been recognized by UNESCO cultural heritage site. This is because of the very distinctive architectural style that the buildings portray. This design is known as Balkan architecture style and it comprises of small houses made like castles. The stones help in maintaining optimal temperatures within the home and they form part of the attraction today. There are also several cultural attractions such as theaters, religious place and museums

5. Durres

Durres is a large city that is found on the Albanian coastline and serves as a critical harbor city. It is not only important from a financial viewpoint, but also as a cultural capital. Actually, many feasting and cultural events are held here throughout the year. The amphitheater plays a crucial role in hosting these events and is among the major attractions in the city.

6. Apollonia

Named after God Apollon, Apollonia was once the most important town in prehistoric times. The ruins here are still very impressive and portray how glorious the original city was. Some of the attractions include theaters, temples, libraries and various other buildings, include the rotted mansions. This location is quite impressive and it offers a great view of the surrounding area.

7. Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera is located in the south-west part of Albania, and it is characterized by its steep coastal. It is comparable to the famed Italian Riviera; however, this one is less crowded and much quieter. The beaches are very inviting and you will either want to go sunbathing or swimming in the clear waters. Newly built resorts in the area allure thousands of travelers and promise an excellent holiday.

8. Albanian Riviera

In the southwest of the country there is a steep coastline, which can be compared to the Italian Riviera but is much quieter and less crowded. Beaches invite to go swimming or sunbathing. New built hotels and attractions shall allure tourists and promise a great holiday.

The countryside is mostly original and behind the beaches there can be found large and dramatic mountain settings. In the mountains numerous small romantic villages are hiding, perfect for small trips.

9. Shkodra

Shkodra is a city in the north of Albania and the fifth largest city of the country. It is located at the lake Skutari at the boarder to Montenegro. Shkodra is affected by many battles and conquests, from the romans as well as from different aristocratic families. After recovering from the hard battles the city rises to an important trading center and has a distinctive culture till today.
The town’s landmark is the ruin of castle Rozafa. Recording to a tragic legend the castle was built by three brothers. Every night the walls of the castle came tumbling down. One day an old man told them to mure a woman into the walls, then they would never collapse and resist all enemies. The brothers agreed to sacrifice the wife that would bring food for them the next day.

10. Gjirokastra

The city in the south of Albania was elected UNESCO world cultural heritage. Reason for this is the unique architectural style, most of the buildings show. The style is called Balkan architecture and contains small castle-like houses made of stone. The stones should control the temperature in ancient times and today form the town’s landmark.

Therefore the city is also called “city of stones”. It is located at the side of a hill and the single quarters are connected with artistic roads.

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