10 Best Croatian Islands

Croatia has been well-known as a region which is where consists of several stunning of the islands for taking pleasure. Off Croatia’s shore line, a coordinator of small lands are afloat – and all 1244 of them are special. Some are residences to older towns; some are host to festivity crowds of people; some are unoccupied, still. The more significant ones are nations around the world in miniature, while the smallest are glorified rocks in this beautiful tourist destination place. Most boast gorgeous surroundings like, Dugi Otok is a slice of Wuthering Heights drama in the midst of the waves, in addition to some are party-lovers’ ambitions like, Murter is a summer festival hotspot,.

Seem like Croatia is definitely where on globe that will make thing occur. If you are seeking for an isle valuable of a week’s reside, some – like Brač – are expansive enough to get their own airports for choosing a journey. If you are after day-trips and excursions, most is usually achieved by ferry right from the mainland. Some of the tinier island destinations are determinedly abandoned, that means that over night stays are forbidden – nevertheless people can easily still take cruiser trips to these Adriatic gems.  Here’s our pick of the best islands in Croatia.

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Croatian Islands Best Tourist Attraction

1. Hvar

The gently rolling hills, spectacular beaches, lush vineyards, and vibrant nightlife of Hvar make it the perfect island getaway. Take a stroll down the medieval streets of this lovely island and you will encounter imposing fortifications that testify to the island’s ancient history. Hvar Town may be the most stunning town on the island but Starigrad, the oldest village on the island, and Jelsa, as well as a number of small villages, dotting the coast or nestled in the lush interior are well worth a visit.

2. Vis

The beautiful but remote island of Vis is known for its long history of winegrowing, making it a must-see for wine connoisseurs. Vis isolation has retained the charm and style of life characteristic of the 1950s and attracts tourists looking for “the Mediterranean as it once was”. The beautiful crystal clear waters, breathtaking isolated beaches, and historical sights on Vis are certain to delight visitors.

3. Korcula

Separated from the mainland by a narrow strait, Korcula is the most populated of all the islands in Croatia. The island’s capital is also called Korcula. Nicknamed”Little Dubrovnik”, this ancient city is among the most beautiful towns on the Croatian coast and is known for its unique architecture. One of the main attractions is the alleged house of birth of Marco Polo.

4. Brac

The large island of Brac is situated just of the Split coast. With its rolling hills, isolated bays, clear water, and pine and fig trees, Brac is a popular tourist destination. Visitors will find there are many sights to enjoy on Brad, including Dragon’s cave on the southern end of the island, the island museum in the village of Škrip, and the famous Zlatni Rat beach near Bol. Vidova Gora Mountain, the tallest mountain in the area, is also definitely worth a visit.

5. Cres

Sight of Beli town in Cres island – Croatia

One of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea, the hilly island of Cres features a spectacular array of pebbly beaches and bays. Among the most notable attractions in Cres is the freshwater lake of Vrana. This unique natural phenomenon is actually one of the deepest freshwater lakes in Eastern Europe. Watersports, scuba diving, and hiking are all popular activities on Cres.

6. Mljet

Aerial helicopter shoot of National park on island Mljet, Dubrovnik archipelago, Croatia. The oldest pine forest in Europe preserved.

Mljet is Croatia’s greenest island, with large parts of the island covered by forests and the rest dotted by fields, vineyards and small villages. The island contains two salt lakes, Veliko and Malo Jezero, that are located at the western end of the island. In the middle of Veliko Jezero, there is a small island with an old Benedictine monastery.

7. Pag

Pag island bay aerial view, Dalmatia, Croatia

With the longest coastline of the Croatian island, Pag has plenty of bays, coves, capes and beaches. Much of the island features a rocky topography; however, visitors will find verdant fields and valleys that are ideal for winegrowing and cultivating olives. Zrce Beach, near the town of Novalja, is a popular with both locals as well as tourists.

8. Kornati

Comprised of approximately 130 islands, reefs, and islets, the Kornati Islands are sprinkled with a breathtaking array of vineyards, olive trees, and fig trees. Mediterranean scrubs and rare trees complete a landscape set against chalk limestone. Tourist can take a stroll along the meandering pathways to enjoy a view of the open sea from one of the massive cliffs rising up from these islands. Human presence on the Kornati islands dates back to the Neolithic Age, but due to deforestation and subsequent erosion the islands are now uninhabited.

9. Rab

The island of Rab is situated just off the northern coast of Croatia. One of the most densely wooded of the Croatian islands; Rab is home to a wide array of botanical life, including non-native plants. Among the most popular attractions on Rab is Komrcar Park, home to numerous plants and trees, including a 100-year old agave.

10. Krk

Often referred to as the ‘golden island,’ Krk is the nearest of the Croatian islands to Western Europe. It is actually connected to the mainland via a bridge, making it easily accessible. Visitors to Krk will find that this delightful island boasts a wide array of landscapes. While the northern end of the island is almost barren, the southern tip of the island offers gentle bays.

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